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Workers’ Compensation Litigation Forms

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

In an effort to assist our clients, we have placed links here to locate specific litigation documents at the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency. Clicking on a link below will cause you to navigate away from this site briefly in order to open or download the PDF form from the WCA site. To ensure the most current versions of form, you may wish to visit WCA directly. (This link will open in a new window.)

-WC-104A – Plaintiff’s Application for Mediation or Hearing

-WC-104B – Health Care Services Application for Mediation or Hearing (fill-in form)

-WC-104C – Defendant’s Application for Mediation or Hearing

-WC-105 – Work History, Work Qualifications & Training Disclosure Questionnaire (fill-in form)

-WC-113 – Redemption Order (fill-in form)

-WC-113A – Multiple Carrier Redemption Form (fill-in form)

-WC-115 – Voluntary Payment Form (fill-in form)

-WC-119 – Affidavit in Support of Redemption (settlement) Agreement (fill-in form)

-WC-251 – Carrier’s Response (fill-in form)

-WC-262 – Claim/Cross-Claim for Review (fill-in form)

-WC-508 – Subpoena for Production of Records (and/or) Witness Subpoena (fill-in form)

-WC-544 – Worker’s Settlement Statement (fill-in form)

-WC-556 – Agreement to Redeem Liability (fill-in form)